5 Things We are Doing Right Now to Downsize for the Trip.

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The idea of downsizing our 1500 square foot house (with a 650 sqft garage) down to 200 sqft of livable space was possibly one of my biggest stressors. It was beyond overwhelming for me. Like I have mentioned before I’m kind of a sentimental soul who hates throwing things out because I’m always sure we can make something out of that toilet paper roll/empty salsa jar/ drawer full of yarn/etc…Let me just hop on Pinterest real quick and see what I can make…

So needless to say I was worried about how I was going to our downsize our four bedroom home to a box on wheels that could barely fit a horse.


Getting in the right mindset



If you read our blog post about Embracing Minimalism, we shared how learning more about the minimalism movement helped us get in the right mindset to be OK with letting go of our things. Even though I am fairly freaking certain we will never be true minimalists (the idea of a closet with less than 10 items in it gives me all kinds of anxiety) learning more about the living on less movement just really inspired us and allowed to really reevaluate what we need to make us happy. Even watching a few episodes of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo will help you get ready to find things that spark joy.

1 thing in = 2 things out

For every new item we bring into the house I try to dispose of or donate at least to items to compensate. On the road we will have to live by the “1 in. 1 out” philosophy so why not start practicing now?


My Closet Cleaning Trick

1.       I, personally, go through my closet every week and remove 3 items to either throw away or donate. This helps me pare down my clothes without the panic of cleaning it out all out at once. If I move something to the donate pile I can easily pull it out again if I change my mind. I also plan to try and sell a few of my nicer pieces on Poshmark which is my favorite online spot to pick up second-hand and vintage pieces.

2.       I heard a great trick the other day to just not do laundry. Yep, you heard that right, just don’t do laundry Hallelujah! Meme . She says that if you push off laundry as long as possible you will quickly learn what items you use and don’t use. Any items left untouched during your laundry boycott should be disposed of immediately (excluding a few items of course).


Make Weekly Commitments to Dispose of things…then feel super guilty.

Our house has a decent size trashcan that is emptied weekly. Our family usually has 1, maybe 2 bags of trash in the can every week. In preparation for this trip we began to make it point to completely fill that trashcan every single week. I’ll admit, I hated seeing how much shit we had just accumulated and let fall apart. Old toys, broken frames (like who the heck saves broken frames, oh that’s right…me) broken furniture we just never broke down enough to fit in the trash. Seeing all the waste was pretty powerful for me. But I feel like I needed to see the absurd amount of crap we had accumulated and were just throwing away to take up room in a landfill. I felt incredibly guilty for my totally disregard of the impact my family was having on the environment with all this frivolous greed for stuff that really meant nothing to us. This chore really helped me realize I was ready to embrace living less.

Reward Yourself

Date night

After I would accomplish certain bigger cleaning and downsizing jobs, we would treat ourselves to something we enjoyed. A nice dinner out, a day off from our trip prep to do list, an item off of our trip list (but remember 1 in. 2 out)

We’d love to hear your favorite tips and trick for decluttering and downsizing..png

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