Embracing Minimalism: Simple things you can do RIGHT NOW towards a more conscious and minimal lifestyle

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One of the main reasons my husband and I chose to go on this Road Trip journey was because we wanted to gain some clarity in many aspects of our life. We want to teach our boys how to be more conscious about the world around them. We are hoping to learn what we truly need to be happy, truly happy. We continue to say through this whole process that we want to create a life where we are making intentional choices what serve us and the things we allow into our space.

Quick Backstory: I grew up being a true believer of retail therapy. I loved buying stuff, lots of stuff. If that “stuff” was on sale you better believe I needed ALL of it. Plus, I am the girl who swears I am going to use every random item we have lying around. I had 2 totes full of fabrics I didn’t even like for a sewing machine that had been stored in the garage for months and months.  I saved old jars, odds and ends and had an embarrassing amount of craft sitting in a closet just in case one day I could, possibly, maybe … if I had time … do some Pinterest craft with the kids. But it all just sat there, stuffed into closets and drawers growing more and more.

I knew a positive side effect of this road trip would be that our family will have no choice but to shed all of this “stuff” we had been keeping and become much more mindful of what items we really need.

In less than 200 sqft you don’t have room for shit that isn’t one of 2 things; 

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure I was really going to handle this change in my current “mild hoarder” (as Anthony calls me) mind frame. I had done a little research on minimalism and it all seemed fine and dandy for them but how in the heck was I going to walk into a Target and simply NOT buy anything?? I mean have any minimalist even BEEN INSIDE A TARGET?!?

But one night my husband recommended that we watch MINIMALISM: A DOCUMENTARY I reluctantly agreed. By the time we were done watching it I realized there was no way to go back to the mind frame of just blind consumption anymore. I also realized that I was a LOOOONG ways from being a minimalist and honestly, I would probably never be a true minimalist by the standard definition but my family and I could absolutely make small changes in our daily life right now to make a difference. I also realized that embracing minimalism comes in a spectrum of options. You don’t have to really have to have nothing. You love shoes? GREAT! Keep your favorite 20 shoes but just be conscious of what else you are bringing into your home. There is even something called the comfy minimalist is which much less about get rid of everything and much more about creating a space that is full of things that matter to you instead of just being filled with “things”. 


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MINIMALISM: A DOCUMENTARY- This was a great introductory movie on the movement. Just enough information to make you look at things a little differently but not so much that it overwhelms you.

HAPPY- A super cool documentary about what makes humans happy. Spoiler Alert: its NOT ALL THE CRAP WE THINK IT IS! Trust me you won’t regret spending an hour cuddled up on your sofa watching it.

LIVING SMALL: A TINY HOUSE DOCUMENTARY- A great short (47 mins) intro documentary into the tiny house lifestyle.

I AM: Full Disclosure- I have not watched this one but I have talked to many people who have and the consensus is the same. This is an incredibly powerful documentary that you will not ever forget. I have heard there are parts that are tough to watch ( which is why this empathetic soul is putting off watching it as long as possible)

 NOMADS MOVIE: This movie is more for those who are interested in full time RV living (nomadic lifestyle). We loved this movie and it definitely helped us learn more about the movement.



After binge watching minimalist & tiny home documentaries I realized I need to really be so much more intentional with things we really need. I just shop to shop which is probably why we have a house full of stuff we barely use.

So I started reevaluating the way I shopped. I began to ask myself this set of questions before I bought anything that wasn’t a necessity.

If you can answer YES to all of the questions then you know its something you should bring into your space. If you answered YES to over half of the questions then you can decide for yourself if its worth spending your money on. If you answered YES to LESS than half then maybe you can pass on it for now and if you find yourself thinking about it later you can always come back to it.



Follow some of my favorite Minimalist IG Accountss

  1. MyMotherhood.IG- Ashleigh Ferguson - If you want an honest view of mastering minimalism while mothering you’ll love Ashleigh. Her real life, real stories approach reminds us all it’s a progress not perfection process. Plus her family is super adorable.

2. Halfway_wholeistic- Katie Staples - I love her blog because her space is styled to perfection and she also shares really great tips on simple things you can do to live minimally with maximum style.

3. Mountainmodernlife - Katie and Eric - This account is more for the full-time rving minimalist. I seriously drool over all the gorgeous trailer renovations they share. I get totally inspired seeing all the different ways people are using and maximizing their tiny space.

4. thelaminimalist - Annie - I’ve been following Annie for a while now and I just like her down to earth approach to the minimalist life.


I hope you guys found something on this post to inspire you as much as they have inspired us. I am really putting a lot of thought into the idea our space and our energy are all we have that truly belongs to us (and all the we are able to control) so it’s worth being more conscious and loving with what we bring into that space and energy.


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