The Story of How Our Grand Adventure Came to Be

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Have you ever had a dream that never left your heart or your thoughts? One that seemed so far-fetched that you pushed to the back of your mind because you didn’t really know how to make it a reality? But that dream was so ferocious that it never left? It just sat waiting in the back of your thoughts for any opportunity for to you listen, even for a moment, to the possibility that it might just be the most important dream you ever chased?

That is where the story of our adventure began. A tiny, slightly joking, idea that grew and grew over the last 5 years into something so grand and amazing that we simply couldn’t ignore it for a moment longer…



One day 5 years ago (even before our youngest son was born) I brought up the idea to Anthony (my husband) about going on an epic adventure, I had seen a story about a family who was traveling around the parts of the US in a travel trailer and I was completely smitten with the idea. Even though, for us at that time, such an adventure seemed truly unrealistic. To my surprise, he embraced the idea much more easily than I expected but the logistics of it all and the fact we found out soon after that we were expecting our youngest son made that dream pretty impossible. So, we pushed it to the back of our minds and went back to the daily redundancy that is the “American Dream”

You see, my husband and I have spent most of our 17-year relationship falling in love with traveling. So, it seemed only appropriate that when our sweet boys were born, we just brought them along on our adventures. Our little family traveled, and camped, and spent time outdoors as often as possible.

We all loved it!

But that little idea we had 5 years ago never left us. It just hung out quietly waiting for us to be ready. Then one night, a few years later when I was sitting with Anthony and I asked him, “If you could have anything out of this life, money/time weren’t an issue, what would you want.” His response was the start of the most exciting process of chasing a dream that I have ever known. He said to me “I just want more time with our family. The boys are growing too quickly and I feel like it is all slipping through our hands. This rat race of a corporate job is miserable and I just want to reset and figure out what things are really the priority.”

Now, when I tell the next part of this story, I envision that idea, the one lurking in the back of our minds for 3.5 years at this point, doing a little happy dance, jumping up and down in the darkness, and yelling out, “Freaking FINALLY, you guys!!”  but I digress… after hearing these words from Ant and seeing the sadness on his face I leaned in close and said “Why don’t we really do it? Why don’t we stop talking about it in passing and really freaking load up our little family, hit the road for a few months, and learn what in the hell we really want out of this life.  

Anthony and I talked in depth about how we wanted this trip to provide us with CLARITY. Clarity for what kind of life we wanted to provide our boys, clarity on what we really needed to make us happy. Clarity on what we wanted to do with the next chapter of our story. Clarity and a whole lot of amazing memories.

 And once we committed to bringing this long-time dream into the light all of a sudden then the strangest things began to happen. Every concern we had of “How are we going to do this, or do that, or make this work on the trip.” All began to fall into place. My job as a photographer began to thrive and the idea of taking it on the road seemed feasible for the first time. I ran, re-ran, re-re-re-ran the numbers and it all worked out. My husband’s job became less and less desirable which made it pretty easy to take the risk and walk away. Our children were excelling in school and all of their teachers were completely supportive and confident that they would thrive being home schooled on the road (this was a huge concern for me). We talked to our boys about the trip, we discussed the good and the bad of doing something like this and they were completely on board for the adventure.

 Like Holy Crap we could actually do this!! Holy Crap we ARE GOING TO ACTUALLY DO THIS!!

We quickly chose our route. 6 months, 2 countries, 6 states, tons of national and state parks.

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We decided on what size/layout of trailer we needed. Bought a truck that could pull said trailer, started scheduling business on the road, and began the daunting process of prepping our very first home to sell.

Every step of the way the universe has made sure that we aren’t going to get cold feet again. Every step we have taken and every obstacle we have faced has pushed us more and more towards it all happening. It has been a whirlwind of a journey, to say the least and we haven’t even left yet but one thing we are sure of is how badly we want this dream to happen and how much we are willing to work to make it happen.

So that’s our little back story. We are so glad you are sharing in all of this with us. We cannot wait to continue to share with you about our little adventures. Have a question for us? We’d love to hear from you.

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