Things we gravely underestimated while planning for our road trip

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We consider ourselves half dreamers/ half type A personalities who thrive on thorough planning and making too many lists. We know the idea of this trip seems very “fly by the seat of your pants” spontaneous but the truth is we’ve planned this and re-planned this trip a thousand times in the last 2 years. We understand that in many aspects we are immensely naive to so much about this journey but we also know that we’ve done an incredible amount of due diligence. We could never uproot our boys’ whole world just on a whim but as we begin executing all of those plans that have been planning we have realized that there were a few things we deeply underestimated. We thought we would share them with you today.

1. First off we should say that we planned for the expected and even the unexpected but we didn’t plan for the completely UN-unexpected. Like when your girl here filled the diesel truck with gas and drove home before realizing it (yep, that happened and it wasn’t fun or cheap.) or that brand new roof we found out we needed before we could sell our house or the removal of our favorite 20 year old tree in the front yard of our home. These haven’t been small or cheap surprises and trying to figure out how to make everything work had definitely proven to be a challenge.

2. The guilt from realizing that we had accumulated so much ridiculous crap over the last ten years. Seriously, it left me feeling completely ashamed that I had wasted so much of our money just to shove stuff in a closet. Seeing how many things we donated and how much junk we send to the dump was deeply eye opening for me and has helped me really embrace a more minimalist mind frame

3. The constant mess in our home as we prepped the house to sell. With the additional and unexpected costs of the repairs listed above we quickly realized we would need to do as much work ourselves as we could. Between painting almost every wall and ceiling in the house, updating 2 bathrooms, and painting every inch of trim and baseboards we found ourselves in a constant state of chaos filled with tools, paint, school papers, dishes, (you get the picture). No matter how much we cleaned it just seemed to get worse. For Anthony and I constant mess = full fledged anxiety so you can imagine the struggle.
As of this post it’s been about 1.5 months since the Renovation tornado has struck our house and we’re about over it...but all new flooring comes in next week so fingers crossed we survive until then. UPDATE: See below our family room on the day the bedroom were being carpeted. We have lovingly dubbed it the

“Dungeon of Anxiety”

4. The amount of time it is taking for us to prep this house to sell (along with the additional repairs and expenses) while maintaining a 9-5, running a photography business, shopping for the perfect road home, raising two small humans, nurturing a marriage, and trying to maintain any smidge of self care is currently requiring no less than 37.5 hours each day. So y’all can see why it proved to be a tad complicated trying to make it all work.

5. How powerful it would be to watch our friends and family love us so genuinely and deeply that they would stand right by our side and do all they could to cheer us on and help us prepare to follow this dream even if it’s completely breaking their hearts watching us go. It has truly been such a devastatingly beautiful piece of this of process and we are truly blessed to have the village that we do.

6. How much it would reinforce our sheer determination to actually freaking do this. You would think that with all of the things we mentioned above it would make us think twice about this trip but it hasn’t. Not even for a minute (ok maybe we had a few “minutes” where we completely questioned our sanity). In fact, it’s done the opposite it has shown us that we are totally willing to fight to make this happen.

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