So We Did A Thing…

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Sooooo, we did a thing...

After what felt like forever of trying to find the perfect little space for our family, we finally bought our next “home” and man are we excited!! Welcome to the family “Clarity”. We expect to have some wicked adventures together. I do have to say though, one of the best parts about this trailer is the story of how it became ours.

For months checking craigslist, Rv trader, and other sales sites had been a daily occurrence for me. We had a very tight cash budget and pretty big expectations for this new space We really wanted something that felt like more than just a trailer to us. We wanted something that we could turn into a mini apartment on wheels. We had a few different lists of everything we needed/wanted. Our main expectations for our new home were…..

Checking off all of these boxes and trying to not have to drive 3 hours away was not an easy feat. We literally searched for months with no luck. Then one afternoon I was doing my daily search and I came across this trailer I hadn’t seen in my previous searches. The best part it was a “Screamin’ deal”(as my husband says). Now, I could tell in the photos it needed some TLC but we knew we were going to renovate the inside anyways so that didn’t concern me too much.

When I reached out to the owner asking her a few questions and letting her know we were looking for something that we could live in during our 6-months on the road. She mentioned to me that she did the same trip we are planning...with her boys at the same age... for the same amount of time we have planned!!!

Immediately, I felt a connection to her and this trailer. You see, I’m a firm believer in paying attention to signs that are sent to us and if you know me you know that I have had some pretty incredible experiences to validate this so hearing the owners story already had me intrigued. Quickly we made plans to meet her parents (the owner lived a few towns away) that evening at the storage lot.While we were driving to see the trailer we kept seeing all of these little things and signs that helped me feel that we were being guided during this whole part of the journey.

When we arrived and met the owner’s parents we immediately all clicked. They were some of the most honest, kind, generous people I could have imagined. After inspecting every inch Antony I agreed that this trailer felt like she was meant to be ours. So we sealed the deal and then we all ended up chatting for way too long about life, and our adventure plans, and their memories in that trailer.

They had gone on the adventure with their daughter ( the owner ) and their grandsons. They were so incredibly grateful and excited to pass their little road-home filled with all of their memories on the to next family. We were beyond honored and excited to reassure them that we would take care of it and fill it with even more memories. Towards the end of our time together, when I went to pay them, the grandmother said “ You guys are so wonderful that I feel bad even taking your hard earned money, I wish we could just gift it to you.” (of course that wasn’t an option) and when I responded “This is a down payment on dreams for us and we are happy to pay you because you are making these dreams happen!” I looked over and she had tears streaming down her face. When it was time for us to leave we gave each other the biggest hugs and promised to keep in touch and share our adventures with them.

I remember when Anthony and I used to stay up late dreaming about what this trip would look like we always mentioned how excited we were to be able to meet all kinds of amazing people/friends along the way and hear their stories. I feel so blessed that this dream, and specifically this trailer, have already introduced us to people who will forever be a tiny part of our story. So if you happen to see us along the way, or if you just want to reach out and say “Hello” we would love to meet you too and hear your story!!


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