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I know, I know, every full-time blogger has done some version of a "Must Have Items List". We know this is true because I am pretty sure we have read ALL OF THEM, the blogs, the posts, etc. After reading so many we definitely have seen a lot of consistencies and differences in the lists.  These lists were so helpful when it came time for us to make our own shopping list for our full-time road home. We  can honestly say we have ALREADY benefited from the items on our list.  We bought them and liked them and use them time and time again.  So hopefully after reading this list and many, many more, you decide to make your RV/Travel/Home/Everyday life a little easier with some of the recommendations we have made.  Like everyone we use Amazon for almost everything because let’s be real Prime is freaking awesome.  Feel free to check out our current list of favorites and don’t worry we are updating it often so you can always check back to see what new items we are loving at the moment.

If you see something on the list below that you think will be perfect for you. Just click on the photo to start shopping!



We have used this amazing appliance endlessly.  This can cook almost everything…and quickly.  Soups, ribs, pork shoulders, chicken, hardboiled eggs, rice, pasta’s, and much, much more. Seriously we make EVERYTHING in this thing! Did I mention the meat can be frozen…solid?  I know we have not even tapped the full potential of this pressure cooker.  There are countless recipes online for the InstaPot to enjoy.  It is easy to use and easy to clean.  Our slow cooker has collected dust since we purchased the InstaPot.  Do yourself a favor and add this to the top of your list of kitchen appliance must haves.


Weber Propane Grill

This grill is awesome.  Portable, yet sturdy enough for an everyday home grill.  Easy to light and great grilling space.  The thing that I like most about this grill is it can use a small propane canister or a traditional full size propane tank.  I have even seen them hooked to a propane gas line from a 5th wheel or dedicated gas line at a home.  Weber is a proven name with excellent products.  This is a well-built grill.  Thick metal, strong hinges, solid grilling surface.  Albeit solid it is still portable enough to bring camping, to picnics, or to a friend’s house for additional grilling space. 


Zero Gravity Chairs

THESE CHAIRS ARE AMAZING.  We love them.  The kids love them.  We get up and immediately one of the boys steal our chair because it is so comfortable.  Sit next to the fire, lay back and gaze and stars, read a book, or take a nap…this chair is perfect for all of those things.  The wide layout is super comfortable and the reclining option makes it that much better.  This is a purchase we would make again very quickly.  Do yourself a favor and get one…or two of these chairs immediately. 


Essential Oils

The amazing side effects of essential oils are almost endless.  Here are a few areas we can personally speak of the benefits:

- Reduces Anxiety

- Reduces Stress

- Help with relaxation and sleep

- Safer alternative to candles and incense

- Use as a topical for various physical benefits (it is important to complete additional research in this area as many essential oils require a "carrier" oil before being used topically)

- Hair Care

- Wart removal

Our entire family has benefited from the use of essential oils.  We created our own "calm" oil blend for topical use when we need to stop and take a breath.  The positive effects of oils are almost endless.


Counter Top Ice  Maker

-We started using the Home Ice Maker about a year before our trip.  The ice maker in our fridge broke and knowing the trip was happening we decided for the counter top ice maker. I must say from the beginning we were both impressed by how much ice this machine can produce. A year later this machine still produces ice at a great rate.  Our model produces around 25 lbs of ice in a 24 hour period.  Kind of crazy. This s a must have in our eyes.


Bluetooth Speaker

Our family loves music.  Like REALLY LOVES MUSIC! All kinds of music. We always joke that our kids must be so confused about music because one day we will have 90’s rap on then 5 minutes later we are playing Zeppelin, and 5 minutes after that we’ve switched to country. Not only do we love music but we love to dance.  So this bluetooth speaker gets used ALL OF THE TIME in our home and its a very reasonable price which we love PLUS it doubles as a plant holder.  The design is nice and can fit with all decorative styles.  Good sound from a small and attractive device.  This is an excellent option for a small space or a single room for a very, very reasonable price. 


Yeti Cooler

We have the Yeti Tundra 60 cooler and it is awesome.  This well made cooler is well worth the money spent.  The thing holds ice for days and days.   For our maiden voyage with the cooler I did not empty the ice/water until the ice was fully melted and it was 7 days.  If I managed the ice and water ratio with any effort I feel like I could have got another day or two of ice time.  The Yeti has many accessories making it even more convenient.  I love the heavy duty rubber skid pads on the corners...hold in place even when pretty full.  Always tie it down to be safe but the pads make a tremendous difference with keeping it from sliding around when traveling or on a boat, etc.  The  Yeti is well built and not light so keep that in mind especially when fully loaded with delicious food and beverage.  They have several sizes to fit your cooler needs.  And one cool thing about this too...it can keep hot food hot.  Traps heat just like it does cold.  Sounds like a challenge to keep some food warm.

We truly hope that you find this information helpful and you are able to benefit from some of the items on our "Must Have List" like we have.  As always, Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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