Rancho Cordova CA | Family Session | Northern CA Lifestyle Photographer

When I tell people that anything goes during my photo sessions I am not sure they truly understand. Most people are used to the standard sit and pose and smile kind of stuff. I like to do things differently. I like to run and play and sing songs and dance during my sessions. I like to let the kids run free and have fun.  So when I have a family that totally welcomes my "whatever happens happens" session mentality it almost always ends in magic!

This session was no different. These adorable little ones spent the whole time exploring. They pointed out every beautiful vibrant flower. Sister collected acorns and rocks to add to her collection at home. We chased geese and raced each other (she beat me every single time). I thought it couldn't get any better...I was totally wrong. Now, when I tell you guys that I have THE BEST FAMILIES EVER I am not kidding. And let me tell you why. We get each other. We both get that life is unscripted and sometimes messy and that's ok because those moments are also pure and the are real and they what life is all about. The families that I photograph don't expect the perfect poses or a bunch of Pinterest props. They prefer emotion and connection and I am all too happy to provide that for them...Ok back to my story. It was pretty obvious early in our session little brother LOVED water. So when we came across a water fountain sitting in awesome lighting. This drinking fountain just so happened to shoot the perfect stream of water right to brother so obviously it seemed like fate. As brother began playing and getting pretty wet. I looked and Mom and saw that she was smiling from ear to ear simply enjoying every minute of brothers giggles. I knew we were going to have fun. For 30 minutes we all played in the water. Splashing and laughing and getting soaked but it was totally ok because everyone was having such a great time. That was all that matter, being in the moment and enjoying it and all of it's perfect imperfection. The best thing for me is knowing that when this family gets to view all of their photos they are going to get to enjoy these moments all over again. So if you ask me why I do things differently than most photographers. Those smiles right there. That's why. :)

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