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Being a Momma is a complicated thing. It takes you to the brink of frustrations and fears you never thought you could handle and just when you think it might completely break you there will be a tiny little moment that drenches you in love. And not any ordinary love, more like a drunk and wild love the consumes all of your senses and leaves you breathless. I know this experience first hand as a mom to two little boys . I know the whirlwind of highs and the lows and the complete magic that comes with being a Momma. What has been a new experience for me is watching this same magic through my camera lens. Since I mostly photograph families I am privy to candid moments between a parent and child that some may not always see. I love it! I love every single moment of it and I strive to make sure that I capture these moments for every family I photograph.

One particular Momma stole my heart this weekend. Now I do have to preface by saying that she has been a dear friend of mine for the last 11 years. We have been through some of the most fantastic highs together as well as the most tragic lows. In all honesty, I have watched her at moments when I feared she may never recover. But I knew that the strength she carries with her is one of her most powerful qualities and today she stands tall and strong on her own with her beautiful baby boy by her side. To simply say I am proud of her would be an understatement. I am so much more than proud. I watch her with complete admiration for the fire she has walked through with grace and love. To be able to capture the way her fighter spirit and her tender heart are all woven into one special person was a complete honor for me and I only hope that I did her justice.  

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