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Every year I like to share a blog post about some of the commonly asked questions that I regularly hear from the families I photograph.  I am not the standard photographer next door and my style and services are awesomely unique so I like make sure I answer any questions that might arise.

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Becci Ravera Photography Sacramento and Northern CA Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photographer

1. How soon should we book a family session?

Typically, two – three months is ideal, but earlier is even better. The weekends tend to go quicker. I hate turning people away, so the sooner we can get you on the books, the better! I do shoot select weekday dates also. Please send me an email to inquire about available dates. Becci Ravera Photography is available by appointment only. Dates are secured with a non refundable deposit and signed contract.

2. What is the preferred time for sessions?

I am a chaser of light, and I don’t use artificial lighting for my outdoor sessions. Because of this, I like to shoot no more than 2 hours prior to sunset. This gives us the most delicious light! I know that this may affect naps and dinner times, but it’s only for one day, and in order for me to achieve the same quality of images you see in my portfolio, this would provide the most optimal light and time for us! For In-Home sessions (Newborn and Real Life Sessions) I prefer to shoot when the window light is the best in the later morning to early afternoon. 

3. Will you help us with our outfits? I really need help with putting my outfits together.

Yes I will! I am here for you to help you out put your outfits together. I will send you a style guide, and I offer a style consultation to help you get started. If you feel you would like even more assistance in styling your photo session I can bring on my fabulous personal stylist (for an additional fee) to help you create the exact look you are hoping for. Throughout the process I will be there for you to help your coordinate everything. this is one of those special perks you receive for choosing me as your photographer

4. Are the sessions always going to be candid?

I will take a couple of posed photos, but the majority of your session will be a combination of portrait and lifestyle (candid shots). The honest moments of love and connection between a family are what I live for. I want you to see everyone's true personality throughout your images.

Becci Ravera Photography Sacramento and Northern CA Lifestyle and Family Photographer

5. What if I only need a couple of shots? Would you do a mini-session?

Since my style is very much based on observation and story telling, a mini-session is not something that is regularly available. I do offer invitation only mini-sessions and other exclusive events a few times a year to families that I have photographed in the past. 
Up to twice a year, I do have minis available, but they are still not going to be the same compared to a full family session. A mini-session is a great way to take a peek of how things work with my style. Think of mini-sessions as a sampler for a full session. My minis are always 20 minutes long and they tend to be more traditional as most mini-session clients are looking for posed photos, usually for Christmas cards, and if there’s time available still, then we will try to add some candid images. If you would like something more relaxed and will convey a better story, please book a full family session.

6. Do you ever shoot at your clients’ homes?

I ABSOLUTELY DO! In fact new for 2017, I now offer documentary in-home lifestyle sessions AND in-home newborn sessions. During these sessions, I will come to your home, or any place that you would like to have your activity at, and I will spend the next 2-3 hours with you. Unscripted, honest, and pure moments of your family in the beautiful place you call home.

Becci Ravera Photography Sacramento and Northern CA Lifestyle and Family Photographer

7. Does your session fee include digitals?

My main focus is to help you display these beautiful images of the people you love all around your home. I want you and your children to see them everyday and smile and feel the love and connection they represent. For that reason I do not offer just digitals. In my opinion, a CD of your images sitting in a desk drawer is not enjoying them. All too often they are forgotten about and I absolutely don't want that to happen. I want these images to bring you joy every single day. 

My session fee includes a session up to 2 hours, and a presentation of 25+ images including black and white, but not the rights to print for the digitals. With your package you also receive a product credit of. If your heart is set on digital images you may purchase them with print rights via packages or by themselves. And because I know that sometimes we just want a few digital images to share with friends on social media, I do offer a complimentary web quality digital image with every 11x14 or larger print that you order. I also offer a variety of packages and a la carte boutique items that I just know you will adore. 

8. Can we print through you?

Yes! I highly encouraged that you do. Along with your session fee and product credit, you also get my help for design consultation. As great as the benefits of having digital files have, we can only guarantee that you are going to receive the best quality of your heirloom images if you print through me and the professional print labs that I use. Plus, I deliver your final products right to your door. It doesn't get much better and more convenient than that. If you would like to learn more about the stunning products that I offer you can check out my section on WHY PRINTS ARE IMPORTANT

9. How do we view our images?

I like to make this part of the process as relaxed and convenient for you as possible. About 7-10 days after your session I will reach out to you to schedule your in-home session premiere. At a time that is convenient for you I will stop by your home with a yummy dessert to share and we will sit down just like friends as we go through all of your lovely images. I will help you as we customize the perfect products for you and your home using the images that you cannot live without. Your viewing session will take about an hour. 

10. Can we tag ourselves on the sneak peeks? And who decides what will be the sneak peek?

I highly ENCOURAGE that you tag yourself on the sneak peeks! The only things that I do ask is that filters to not be applied to your images. The sneak peeks are complimentary from me, and I pick the images that are my favorites from your session! I do ask that you do not print your sneak peeks. They are optimized for web only, and are not meant to be printed.

11. Do you have a referral program? I would love to give your name to a friend of mine!

I do! I love referrals, they are my favorite way to meet new photo families and I have a wonderful reward program in place! If you refer a friend, and your friend books a full sessionyou receive $75.00 credit for prints for a previous or future session, or $75 credit towards a future full session package.

12. We would really love to have you photograph our family, but we want to figure out first if this is in the budget. Do you offer any payment plans?

I do offer a payment plan. Simply book a session with your $125.00 no-refundable deposit, and you have free reign on how many ways you’d like to divide the remainder of your package fee. Final installment is due one week prior to your session.

13. Will you be taking individual photos of each child? How about one of me and my spouse?

The beauty of the full sessions is that we do have enough time for individual shots of each child! This includes more traditional shots, down to more lifestyle and detail oriented shots. But I always make it a priority to include shots of just the parents too because it is probably not often that you are both able to be a photo together (at least not since the wedding day). 

Becci Ravera Photography Sacramento and Northern CA Lifestyle and Family Photographer

14. What if it’s overcast? Will we reschedule?

I don’t reschedule for overcast sessions. To the contrary, overcast sessions actually produce nice dramatic lighting. I only reschedule sessions for rain or unforeseen acts of God :).

15. Will you be using props? I love the ones from pinterest! Do you provide them?

I love focusing more on light and emotion, so props are not something I use with my style. That being said, I always encourage my families to bring a sentimental prop to their session. Special blankets are my FAVORITE but I am open to whatever items means something to your family. Other families have used antique dresses passed down from generations, a child's favorite toy, even a little one's favorite rainbow socks made an appearance one time.

Becci Ravera Photography Sacramento and Northern CA Lifestyle and Family Photographer

16. How long should I expect it to take before I receive my final products to display in my home?

One of the things I pride myself on is making sure you receive all of your images and print products in a very timely manner. I know when I am ordering photo to display in my home I want them to arrive as soon as possible so that I can begin enjoying them right away. That is why I strive to provide the same level of service for you. After your session your images will be ready for viewing within 10 days. We will schedule your in-home premiere (viewing) for no more than a week after that. After your viewing your order will be placed within 24 hours and you can expect your finished products to be ready for delivery to your home within 2 weeks from the order date (unless otherwise specified). From start to finish you should expect the entire process to take no more than 3-4 weeks. 

If you find that you have more questions feel free to CONTACT me anytime I am always happy to help.

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