4 Tips for a Successful Family Photo Session

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There is undoubtedly a lot to think about when you are preparing for your photo session. Choosing those perfect coordinating outfits, deciding on an awesome location, planning which print products you are going to hang on your wall. That is why I work so hard to create an experience that helps you with every aspect of planning your perfect session. The most important thing for me is that your session is fun and not stressful. I want my families to truly just enjoy this time that they get to spend together laughing and having fun. Today I am sharing a few tips to help you make your photo session as relaxing and stress-free as possible. 


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1. Bring snacks and water: Nothing restarts a little one's grumpy mood like a good snack. The best snacks to pick are fruit snacks, pretzels, or anything else that isn't too messy. My sessions really revolve around the kids so if they seem like the need to take a break we will absolutely take a quick break to restart. Plus snacks work as great bribery tools and I am definitely not above a little child bribery every once in a while. 

2. Timing is important- Light is everything, seriously EVERYTHING! You photographer has specifically scheduled your session when the light is the best. With my sunset sessions that is usually about an hour before sunset. Every minute of that hour is a chance to capture that perfect photo in that perfect light. I ask every family I photograph to be on time and ready to go for their session at the designated time because every minute we are late is one less perfect image I can take for you.  Now, I totally understand getting an entire family ready for photos is pretty much chaotic and things do happen that you might not have expected which may cause yo to run a little behind schedule. In that case you can always shoot me a quick text to let me know. That way I can adjust your session accordingly to make sure that once you arrive when can still have a fun and stress-free time together. 

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3. Share Ideas: If you have a special image or session idea please share them with me. I want to make your time with me something really special. Every family has its unique vision for their photos. The more you share your ideas and thoughts about your session the better chance you have of your photographer really capturing that vision. This is why I ask every new family to complete my New Family Questionnaire. My questionnaire really helps me get to know a little more about your family how to make your session everything you hoped for.

4. Prepare your kids for the session: Have a little chat with your kiddos about what they to expect at the photo session. Talk to them and let them know it is going to be a fun adventure (because it is!!). Tell we are going to have so much fun together playing games and laughing. Let them know the photographer is a friend because a good photographer will always make sure to focus on the little ones and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. The more excited they are going into the session the more quickly they warm up to me and the big ol' camera I will have in their face too. 

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*BONUS Because I love you guys!* 4. Ask if styling options are available - Many photographers are now offering different styling options available to their clients like access to client closets, styling assistance, professional stylist advice. Some of the options are even offered at no additional charge. It's always worth asking your photographer of they have any styling assistance available. (I case you are wondering, I ABSOLUTELY have styling options available! All you have to do is ask :) ) 


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