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I recently read this beautiful paragraph in Shawna Niequist's book Present Over Perfect. Something about it spoke to me so deeply..."I’ve missed so much of my actual, human, beautiful, not-beautiful life trying to force things into perfect. But these days I’m coming to see that perfect is safe, controlled, managed. I’m finding myself drawn to mess, to darkness, to things that are loved to the point of shabbiness, or just wildly imperfect in their own gorgeous way.

I’m drawn to music that’s more earnest than tidy, art that’s more ragged than orderly, people who are just a touch more honest than is strictly appropriate for the situation. I’m finished hustling for perfect. It didn’t deliver what they told me it would." I felt like these words were meant just for me. I am beginning to see that my favorite type of beautiful is never the kind that seems perfect."

I am finding more and more how raw and strikingly honest this statement is and I am learning that imperfection is something beautiful all by itself.

We all have our own imperfections, those things we struggle with make us real. They make us unique. They make us...US. 

I met this mama a few years ago and I have watched as she has openly and honestly dealt with trails and struggles that she never expected to be apart of her story. What has amazed me the most is the story she has created from those seemingly imperfections of life that have been sent her way, which is nothing short of amazing. She has come to a place where she has found a sense of peace and gratitude that radiates from her soul. She is building her empire through kindness, realness, and authentic relationships of empowering others. She is using her imperfect story to inspire as many people as she can and I couldn't be more proud (or inspired).

My dear friend, keep shining your light. Keep sharing your truth. Keep inspiring all of those around you. And give me all the perfectly imperfect families. They are the ones that speak to me in a way that perfection doesn't. Their stories are the ones that I will spend a lifetime capturing and sharing.

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Hi there, I am Becci the photographer ,storyteller, &educator behind Becci Ravera Photography. I am so happy you are stopping by this little blog of mine. To tell you a little about me, I am a lover of baby toes, chaser of all things drenched in golden sunsets, and obsessed with the real, honest, love and connection of a family. I have been living and exploring the Sacramento area for over a decade now and you will find me sharing the stories for families in some of the prettiest locations all over Northern Cali. Roseville, Rocklin, Tahoe, Truckee just to name a few. I I have found that my heart lies in photographing families stories, from the moment your sweet newborn is welcomed into this world and through all the beautiful years that follow. I want to capture your unique story. I want to tell it in a way that makes you look at your images and think "This is exactly who we are at this moment in time."  My hope is that these images fill your home and your hearts as cherished memories forever. 

I would love for you take a little time here to learn more about me and the unique experience that I offer. If you have any questions at all please REACH OUT to me anytime.

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