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Roseville Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

We are told that our job as parents are to give our children roots and wings. We must remind them where they come from and  where they can always return home to but we must also teach them to have the courage and confidence to go out into the world and live a life they want. 

This family was such a perfect example of this. Extended family sessions are not ones that I offer often but when the matriarch of this family reached out to me I knew I it was going to be magic. This wasn't just your average extended family session this one was pretty special. When your daughter flies her entire little family, including your newest granddaughter,  back to California from Australia (Yes, AUSTRALIA) for a visit you take advantage and schedule family photos! And that is exactly what we did!

Sometimes extended family sessions can be a tiny bit more hectic. Anytime there are more people involved things can get a little complicated. Not with this group. They were giggling and joking around and truly just enjoying this time together. It was just fun to watch them interacting and enjoying each other's company.  Honestly, it reminded me a little of my family. I live on the opposite coast from most of my loved ones and sometimes missing them can be difficult. The only thing that makes up for it is when we are all together again. Some of my favorite memories are from those short visits back home surrounded by the people who know where my roots come from. 

I'd like to think that during our little session, I was able to capture a memory or two for them. One that they can look back on no matter how far apart they are and remember what it felt like when they were all together. I hope that every time they look at their images it brings it all back to them and leaves them with a smile.  It was such a beautiful thing and I was lucky to be a part of it.

You know, the longer I am lucky enough to do this gig the more I fall in love with it. The people I am blessed to meet, the stories I get to share, the love I get to capture. It's everything. Absolutely everything!