Why You Have to Print AND Back-up Your Images, A Personal Story

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If you have followed me for a little you have heard me preach over and over again how important it is that you Print Your Photos.  I know we always have the best of intentions to print our photos. We jot it down on that to do list of ours that is already 2 pages long but the reality is, we don't do it. Today, I want to tell you a personal story of why keeping your photos just on your computer is absolutely not enough.  

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Sacramento Photographer | Family Lifestyle Photographer

You guys know I live for photography. I breathe it just like I breathe in the smell of my sweet boys when they cuddle in close. I practice what I preach and I print my photos on canvases and hang them on my wall. I know how important it is to make sure your photos are safe. I live it that every day for my client photos and my personal photos. And then last Friday happened. My husband called me when I was at a friends house and started asking my strange questions. "Did I leave the back door wide open? Why was the front door unlocked? Where was my camera ??" We had a break-in in our home. Someone came into our house, the home where my babies sleep, and took everything materialistic that mattered to us and to my business. Let me tell you, it has been an emotional roller coaster since. I coped with the loss of the things that helped me run my business, the equipment that my family uses to capture our memories and a few more items that I can barely mention out loud without tearing up.

Roseville, Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Do you want to know what I panicked about the most?? What kept me up at night? Wondering if I would be able to restore all of my photos. I hated losing the other stuff but I would have given it all away to know I got to keep my photos. I backup all of my images so I was confident that I would be able to recover all of my files but when I tried to initiate my backup programs they failed. More than once. And I panicked again. Seriously I would have given anything in that moment to know I was going to get that photos of my youngest's first bath at home or my oldest's first day of school. As of this post the only thing that has been recovered...are my photos. Thank God! 

Roseville, Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer
Roseville, Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

So today I want to share with you a few options to help you backup and store your images so that if you ever find yourself dealing with some sort unexpected event (I.e fire, theft, flood, etc) you can be sure that your photos are safe. Please note: none of these links are affiliate links. All of these are just my recommendations based on personal experience.

Roseville, Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Cloud Based Storage


I personally use CrashPlan as my cloud based backup program. Crashplan is currently shifting their focus to solely offering back-up options to businesses only. Recently PCMag reviewed multiple cloud based programs and IDrive was co-winner with CrashPlan so I felt it was worth mentioning

PCMag's reviewedIDrive

 No matter what you're interested in backing up—PC files, smartphone photos, your NAS, or your Facebook account, IDrive has you covered. In short, it has been one of the more ambitious online backup and cloud-based syncing service services in recent years, offering not only some of the most attractive pricing plans, but also a multitude of features in clear desktop, mobile, and Web applications. IDrive is definitely worth consideration for anyone wants to take advantage of safeguarding files in the cloud while still receiving versatile access to them. 


Carbonite is a cloud based backup and storage option. Cloud backup is a technology that involves sending a copy of your data to an offsite vendor – a cloud provider – that keeps the data secure and accessible in real time, usually for a monthly fee.What's great about the cloud is that it keeps a copy of your files at a safe and secure off-site location so you don't have to worry about losing data if your computer crashes or you accidentally delete a file or photo.And there isn’t just one cloud. There are many cloud vendors that maintain various data centers. Carbonite is just one that has come highly recommended to me. For example, Carbonite stores your files remotely in our own data centers.

Roseville, Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

External Hard Drives

WD MyCloud Wireless

This is the external hard drive that I currently use. My Cloud is a private personal storage unit that plugs into your home network. It automatically backs up and centralizes all your content in one safe place no one can see but you. And with Internet connectivity, you can quickly access your My Cloud unit and share whatever you want, from wherever you are. Any computer in your home can be set to wirelessly connect to your My Cloud device and automatically sync all your files. My Cloud seamlessly backs up the photos and videos from smartphones and tablets, too. Whether PC or Mac computer, iOS or Android, your My Cloud unit will work with them all.

SeaGate Back-up Plus

Seagate has come across my radar multiple times. I have heard such rave reviews about the quality of this hard drive. The Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive is one of the largest-capacity portable drives available today. Adding to the appeal are the drive's speed, extra features like the Lyve personal cloud service, and a relatively inexpensive cost per gigabyte. It's a much-less-expensive way to store your files locally than on cloud-based services or buying a NAS for your home. The Seagate Backup Plus Fast is a bit faster on some benchmark tests, but its double the price per gigabyte; unless you're using it as a scratch disk for video projects, that extra speed is not worth the difference in cost. 

You can read more of PcMag's review of the SeaGate HERE

Roseville, Sacramento and Northern CA Photographer | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Print Your Photos

In my opinion, there is no better way to truly enjoy your photo memories every day than printing them. When you order prints from a professional photographer you are getting access to high end print labs who only work with professionals. But that doesn't mean you are stuck with only using lower quality print labs like Costco, Walgreens, or Target (Yes guys, there are all low quality print labs!) Here a couple of recommendations for higher quality labs that work with everyone not just pro photographers


Mpix is my #1 recommendation for those clients of mine who purchase their entire digital image package with the intention to print the images themselves. Their parent company Millers Lab is actually my personal favorite professional lab. It is awesome that they offer an option to everyone


Nation's is a great Pro printing lab option. They offer a ton of fun photo products and high quality print options to meet almost everyone's printing needs.

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