Fabulous gift ideas for the photographer in your life

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Christmas is less than a month away. This could send most people into a panic but If you have a photography enthusiast in your life then you have nothing to worry about. I have gathered a few fun and practical gift ideas that will make things easy for you. Whether they are an entry level shooter or even on looking to up their game you are sure to find something they will absolutely love!



This lens should be one of the first you consider purchasing after you pick up a camera. This Prime lens (no zooming ability) is a big step up from the kit lens option that usually comes with a DSLR camera. With the option for a 1.8 aperture it is perfect for indoor shooting in low light and outdoor shooting to help you create that creamy looking back ground (aka bokeh).

NIKON 50MM 1.8 - CANON 50MM 1.8


I always get asked what camera I would recommend to a newer photographer and even though I do have one I recommend (see below) I always mention that what is more important than your camera is learning how to use it. Learning Manual Mode and understanding light, and composition are what will take your skills to something all your friends are drooling over. I have taken a TON of course at a few different photography schools and Unraveled Academy is by FAR my favorite. I love them so much I even wrote this REVIEW on them. Want to check them out for yourself? Every month they add new content from all kinds of amazing artists, not limited to photographers. I even have a course opening this month * Happy Dance* its seriously like the gift that keeps giving  and for $15 a month for an entire library of photography related information by some of my favorite people in the industry its really a no-brainer.


This awesome little gizmo is for the photographer who already has everything (or that cool kid in your life who you trust with $180 worth of camera equipment). It is a real working Wooden Digital Camera. Beautifully handcrafted and just dripping in timeless beauty. I cannot wait to buy these for my boys…when they are older 😊


In my opinion your camera strap is a small way to add a little piece of your personality to your camera. Each of my friends has a different style and each one is pretty reflective of who we are. I have found that some of my favorites come from Etsy.com. I have listed a couple of my personal favorites below but you will find countless more in all kinds of different styles if you hang out on Etsy for a bit. Plus, anytime you can support a small business its always WIN in my book.

Personalized Pro Leather Camera Straps

Camera Strap Pine Tree landscape 



Choosing the perfect camera bag can be daunting… and expensive! Plus, just because a camera bag looks good doesn’t mean it will function well, or protect your gear properly. That’s why I love this camera backpack. There is plenty of space for a camera body, a few lenses, and all the little things you might like to keep on hand. It also, has thick padding to keep all your gear safe and it has a sleek uni-sex design that I love.


If you are anything like me you are losing your lens caps more often than you’d care to admit. Well,  I just came across these not too long ago while buying ANOTHER new lens cap to and I think they are SUPER cool. They are a Silicone lens cap that can fit almost any lens, it can provide mild shock absorption, protect your lenses from dust and water, and its cool sleek design will have everyone asking you where you got them. There are some on the market at almost double these prices but I have found that this brand has received my better reviews AND is almost half the price… can anyone say Win-Win


7. SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card

Ok, ok, so I know this isn’t the most fancy gift but any seasoned photographer will tell you that they can always use an extra SD card. I currently own about 20 SD cards and I would still love to see a few of these in my stocking this year. If you hurry you can snatch them up at some seriously decent prices over on Amazon.



Whether you are just starting your photography journey or even if you’ve been at the game for a minute there are always new and “improved” cameras available I thought I would share 2 that I would recommend no matter which level you might be.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 18MP Digital SLR – I shoot Canon (Mark IV & 6D) so I tend to recommend the Canon Rebel T6 to a newer photographer who is looking for an entry level DSLR that will allow them to do more than just the standard point in shoot. This camera doesn’t disappoint. I do still like to recommend to invest some time learning how to much you can really do with this camera (see # 2)

Sony Alpha a7IIK Mirrorless Digital Camera with 28-70mm Lens

So this sweet little camera is totally on my wish list. Same bigtime capabilities as it’s dslr competition in a much smaller (and mirrorless) package. I have had many photographer friends simply rave about the Sony and I am counting down the days until its in my hot little hand.



I don’t know about you but I’m totally inspired by underwater images but I’d be lying if I said the thought of submerging my cherished camera equipment doesn’t give me an anxiety attack. So, I did a ton of research and this bag seems to be one of the best out there at this price point.  This underwater case/bag is the perfect way to push your creativity while still maintaining the peace of mind that your camera is safe.


10. BONUS! I know I said 9 gifts but I thought I would

keep with the giving spirit and why not do a little GIVEAWAY!!

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