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Why You Need Creative Friends

Women's dress flowing in the hills at sunset Becci Ravera Photography

I was recently hanging out over at Unraveled Academy (if you haven't heard about Unraveled academy yet, go check out my blog post HERE ) and someone was sharing about how they were really having a hard time being stuck in a creative rut. Reading all of the countless comments to that post really hit close to home. You see, being a creative is amazing. The highs are completely addicting and seeing work you create and are proud of is a pretty powerful experience but what no one really tells you is that the lows are pretty debilitating. Add that to the vicious game of comparison that we all tend to play and you have a recipe for a serious struggle. 

My last creative rut lasted almost 8 months. It was so difficult for me that I almost packed up shop and called it quits with this little business of mine. I definitely considered more than a few times. But then I started reaching out to a local group of photographers. These women are some of the most talented, loving, generous creative souls ever. We went out to beautiful locations and created some pretty magical art together, we had soulfully creative conversations about our art, we taught each other how to see the exact same photo with new eyes and it was crazy powerful. So powerful in fact that I am pretty sure it saved me.

So, if you find yourself in a rut or creative block surround yourself with other creative souls. Join Facebook groups, attend local meetups, heck come hang out with us at Unraveled we would love to have you! No matter what you do just get out there and CREATE! YOU ARE WORTHY AND YOUR ART MATTERS!! So, go find yourself some creative friends and make magic shit together and then share it with the world! I cannot wait to see what you create!!



Flower Crowns And Twirly Dresses | Roseville CA

Sisters playing with a blanket in the sun Becci Ravera Photography

Twice a year I get to take these sweet little loves out and watch them play and explore and (of course) twirl. Birthday sessions aren't always my most popular but I wouldn't miss capturing these sweet babes birthdays for the whole wide world. Honestly, I consider it the most incredible blessing to get to see how these loves grow and change throughout the years. Plus, as a mama to 2 boys, I am always happy to hang around flower crowns, twirly dress, and sweet little giggles for an evening. 


Hi there, I am Becci the photographer ,storyteller, &educator behind Becci ravera photography. I am so happy you are stopping by this little blog of mine. To tell you a little about me, I am a lover of baby toes, chaser of all things drenched in golden sunsets, and obsessed with the real, honest, love and connection of a family. I have been living and exploring the Sacramento area for over a decade now and you will find me sharing the stories for families in some of the prettiest locations all over northern Cali. Roseville, Rocklin, Tahoe, Truckee just to name a few. I have found that my heart lies in photographing family’s stories, from the moment your sweet newborn is welcomed into this world and through all the beautiful years that follow. I want to capture your unique story. I want to tell it in a way that makes you look at your images and think "this is exactly who we are at this moment in time."  my hope is that these images fill your home and your hearts as cherished memories forever. 
I would love for you take a little time here to learn more about me and the unique experience that I offer. If you have any questions at all please reach out to me anytime.
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