Editing is such an essential and personal part of photography. Editing is a way that the photographer can express their style. For example, I tend to lean towards what is called low-key shooting and editing. I like the darker stuff (especially with my personal images). I like deep dark shadows and lower light. I also like my images to look edited.  One of my dearest photographer friends loves her images super light, bright, airy, and very simple editing. They are beautiful and I adore her work but when I am editing my own images I always lean towards a heavier editing style that looks moodier and darker. To create this look I focus first on getting the look I want straight out of camera (SOOC). I find I am drawn to lower light moments and even then I almost underexpose to get an even darker look - as you can see in the "before" images below. Once I have my SOOC image looking the way I want I then turn my attention to post production. I rely heavily on editing to represent my personal style and make my images pop.

I  edit about 95% of my images in Lightroom.  I use Photoshop very minimally because I find that I can do almost everything I need to in Lightroom. I focus mostly on highlights, shadows, and the HSL section to create the look that I like. I also have a few presets that are my favorites (see my list of faves at the end of this post) but I use them sparingly and almost always make a ton of my own tweaks. Also, I find that I am not completely loyal to any preset. I edit each session based on what I feel looks best. Sometimes its a preset from Twig and Olive, sometimes its one from Sarah-beth photography (love her Moody B&W), I've been playing a lot with Lauren Grayson's new set sometimes its my own preset (available for sale very soon).