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Family Styling Guide

Choosing the perfect outfits for your session make the difference between good images and amazing images!

I know that sometimes it can be challenging picking out outfits for your entire family but don't worry. I've got you!

I have put together a few options to help make things easier for you.

From start to finish I am here to help put together your perfect look!


Before we dive into the all the goodness about styling your session, I wanted to share my top tips for my families choosing my cozy in-home sessions.

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When choosing your perfect outfit for your in-home session. You will want to think about 3 things COLOR, COMFORT, and TEXTURE. In-home sessions usually take place in a few main spots in the home…

The family room, Master bedroom, little one’s room, and sometimes the kitchen and/or yard.

Choosing the right colors.png

You will want to choose colors that compliment the colors you currently have in your home. You have chosen these colors because you love being surrounded them every day. I will usually request a few quick images of your home so I can help you choose the perfect colors. Don’t know where to start? Neutrals (creams, soft greys, soft tones) are usually a great place to start. Then you will want to add a pop or two of complimentary color (you can find some of my favorite colors above). Choose colors that make you happy and work well with your space.

Why texture matters.png

Texture is one of my favorite ways to play with in-home session outfits. Opt for super soft textures like chunky knits (i.e. cable knits, silk, chiffons, even my personal favorite lace. Mixing textures and colors is a total YES in my book! Each element will add depth and creativity to your images so don’t be afraid to play it up.


I’ve saved COMFORT for last because it is so important. I always recommend for my families, no matter which type of session you are planning, that you choose outfits that everyone feels comfortable in and makes them feel really great. This goes for in-home sessions too. Whether you want a warm cozy off-the-shoulder knot sweater paired with your favorite torn skinnies or your favorite soft flowy maxi dress. Choose pieces that make you feel amazing and allow you to move around and have fun during our time together.


Don't be afraid to have fun and dress up a bit. Your photo session should be a time that you get to have fun and dress up a little more than you would any other day.

My FAVORITE thing to photograph women in is dresses (especially long flowy dresses).. I just love the way they flatter all body types, the softness that they bring, and how they add movement to photos. Don't be afraid of soft textures like tulle or chiffon or my personal FAVE lace! And slits at the leg are always a BONUS (trust me)!  

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Adding an accessory or  2 will add dimension to your photos.  A neutral color wide brim hat is a perfect option to add variety and depth to your images. Delicate flower or greenery crowns are a personal favorite of mine and look great on both mamas and little girls. For a more urban session, statement necklaces are another fun way to add interest to your photos. 

Style guide women 3.png

No matter what you are wearing, if you feel good it is going to show on camera. So choose pieces you really love (even if you have to splurge a little bit) I promise you that its worth it! 

I know sometimes as mamas we rarely spoil ourselves like we deserve. I'm totally guilty of this. BUT  your photo session is the perfect time to treat yourself to a mini make over.  Let my AH-MAZING hair and make-up ladies work their magic on you for this special day. Trust me on this one ladies, going Pro for your hair and make-up is a definite YES! The only thing I DO NOT recommend is getting s spray tan right before your session. I know it seems like a great idea but on camera it can turn out super orange. So skip the spray tan and treat yourself to a little professional hair & make-up.

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Let me say that one more time… MATCHING IS OUT COORDINATING IS IN And anything goes nowadays! Coordinating color is what really brings wardrobe together. I usually choose 2 to 3 main colors of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of color. Also, mixing patterns, if you love that look, is okay! Expression is important. I want to see your personality through your wardrobe. Coordinating colors and patterns lets everyone show their personalities more than if everyone was wearing the same colored shirt, pants, etc. Plus it will make your session look awesome!

I definitely do not shy away from color when I am styling my clients. I am a huge fan of the pop that color can bring to your photos. The key is choosing the right colors. I tend to lean towards more muted tones, a wine red or rust orange photograph incredibly!  I am also smitten with mustard yellow and jewel tones. Currently, my go to colors are rust orange, blush pink, olive green, cream, and taupe. (check out MY FAVORITE COLORS at the top of this page)

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Ok guys, I really try to make this easy on you. I know this may not be your favorite thing to do BUT trust me on this one. If you follow a few simple rules you can be confident you are looking your best in your family photos. Plus, this will make your wife so happy

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style guide men 1.png

When my husband wear a nice  button up layered with a sweater it is my FAVE! Layers look just as good on camera and add visual interest to your photos. Depending on the vibe you are going for adding a sweater or even a blazer for a more sophisticated session can really take your style up a notch. Even a simple v-neck sweater with a plaid  or  plain button up with a pop of color will do the trick.

As much as I love a good layered look I know that some men (like my husband) will sweat too much or be uncomfortable in layers. While it is important to look nice for your photos, being comfortable is important too. A light-weight button up, or Henley style shirt works too. Need additional advice? Just ask! I am happy to help you with styling ideas and getting it all put together. 

When choosing pants for your session, I always recommend long, fitted pants. The last thing you want when you look at your family photos is to look baggy and unkempt. Opt for fitted slacks, colored dress pants/denim, or dark wash denim pants. When in doubt, grey or navy pants compliment most women's clothes. 

style guide men 4.png

Brown leather shoes are an easy option that match almost every outfit. Always go with a nice closed-toe shoe. Sandals are great for the beach but not your photo sesh. Don't forget that belts really do matter. Little things like, fun socks, bow ties, watches, and even suspenders all add interest to your look. Play around & have fun but don't forget those details

style guide men 5.png

To make this super easy, here is a quick list of what to AVOID. Logos and graphic tees RARELY look good in photos. Try to opt for something a little more dapper looking.  Fluorescent is usually a hassle to photograph too so just avoid those colors all together. Baggy pants just look messy  & opened toed shoes on men just aren't quite debonair enough for a photo session

little ones.png

Kid’s have the best clothes options nowadays and most kids loving getting to help choose their outfits for the session. I find that picking out a few choices you love and then letting them choose their favorite is the easiest way to find outfits that everyone loves and feel amazing in.

little ones styling 1.png

I know I already mentioned this above but it bears repeating again. When putting together the little one's outfits make sure you focus on your main and accent colors. Don't be afraid to mix patterns as long as they  look good together and the colors are complimentary. 

little ones styling 2.png

Just like with adults kids’ shes can make or break and outfit. our little one is in her sweetest twirling dress and flower crown if she's wearing her Disney tennis shoes it will cause the whole look to lose cohesiveness. Always expect that everyone's shoes will be seen in your photos. Taking a little extra time to make sure your shoes match the look you are going for can go a long way.

When picking out your child's clothes for your session you will want to pay close attention to the fit of the pieces. Just like with baggy pants on guys, ill fitting clothes on kids will definitely stand out. Shoot for pieces that fit snugly but not too tight. Try to avoid pieces that they have to "grow into" 

Nowadays kids have the coolest options for fun accessories. Why not use them to add visual excitement to your photos.  Some of my personal favorites are suspenders, cardigans, and bow ties on little men and flower crowns, hats, and  delicate headbands young ladies. Don't be afraid to have fun with it. 

 I love when my clients show up to a shoot with the most simple & timeless of outfits. A smock dress that belonged to Great-Grandma. A plain white lace dress with a simple bow. These outfits will always stand the test of time, and will never go out of style. Classic trousers and suspenders on young men never goes out of style. And for young ladies, when in doubt a TWIRLING DRESS is ALWAYS the way to go :) And last but definitely not least… don’t be afraid of a little baby skin. There is nothing more adorable then a sweet boy running wild with just suspenders (no shirt) on, or yummy little baby toes. Don;t be afraid to let your little one just be themselves… wild and free.

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where to shop.png

Vici - Possibly my favorite shop of mamas. Their dresses are absolutely gorgeous but that’s not all they have. They are also my go to place for soft comfy sweater for in-home sessions. You seriously cannot go wrong with them. $$-$$$

 H& A great place to find wardrobe options for the entire family and they are always priced perfectly. $-$$ My go to shop for gently used pieces. I love that you can get name-brand & designer labels at drastically lower prices. $-$$$ Cute clothes for women of all sizes (and men!) on the cheap. But honestly, they have some amazing wardrobe choices and the best (cheapest) jewelry that won’t break the bank. $-$$ If you are looking for something super funky and fun I highly recommend Jen’s they have such an awesome selection of everything Boho. - Find all your favorite designer pieces for every budget $$-$$$ A fun, flirty and pretty site for women’s timeless dresses, fun to, fun shoes and accessories! $$-$$$ Another great site for women’s dresses and tops. Gorgeous, gorgeous clothing. $$$ - Adorable children's clothes at affordable prices. They even offer a loyalty program. - Adorable baby and toddler clothes for both boys and girls. They ship super quickly and the prices are just right. $-$$

Nordstroms/ Nordstroms Rack - Always such a great place for classic pieces and even some fun modern styles. $$$-$$$$ - I have found soooo many dresses here that I loved. Seriously the options are endless plus it has a ton of great reviews from happy customers. $$$ - I found a bunch of pieces for boys & men that I liked from here. It has a skater/surfer vibe that reminds me of where I grew up in LA. I even found a piece or two for women like that orange tank top in one of the collections above $$-$$$

Amazon, target, and thrift stores are actually awesome palaces to look for pieces for your session. Just have fun with it.

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