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Beginning June 2019 my little family and I are taking this show on the road. We’ve decided to pack it all up and take one wild moment out of life to spend six months exploring the West on what we hope will be an EPIC little road trip.

Along the way we would love to meet you, so whether you are hoping to have beautiful photos taken in some pretty spectacular places or just want to say hi as we are passing through. Feel free to reach out and let us know.

Want to follow our little adventure?

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Something that will always feed my soul is being in a stunning location, surround by nature. Watching the sunset drench everything in gold. Something about being in an amazing location that just forces you to be present in the moment.

If you find yourself feeling the same way then you will love what I have planned for this year.

Whether you are local to a location we are traveling to or want to schedule your family photos on your own vacation. my travel sessions are the perfect way to schedule a session unlike anyone you have experienced before.

Limited sessions available in each locations. See below for travel schedule and available sessions.

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