When planning your photo session it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details. Picking that perfect location, choosing those oh, so adorable outfits, and deciding which beautiful prints of your family to display throughout your home. It can be so much to think about. I decided I wanted to change that. I wanted to make the process relaxing and fun from the start so that you can sit back and enjoy. Custom photography is about art, professionalism and client service. When you decide to invest with me, you’re investing in a lifetime experience. 

From the moment you first reach out you will notice that the personalized experience I offer is unlike anything you have seen before. We will work together to make sure your family's story is told in an honest and creative way. All of your beautiful images will be professionally edited and prepared for your in-home Session Premiere.

For your Session Premiere I will come to your house or a previously agreed upon location and you will get to sit back and relax as we view your gorgeous images in a slideshow set to music. After that, we’ll go over each photo in your proofing set and get down to the details. I’ll guide you through each of my collections, measure your walls for that beautiful canvas and help you hand pick your images for your boutique leather album! If you’re not quite sure what goes where, or where to even start, don’t worry! That’s why I do in person ordering sessions… it helps so much to have someone guide you through the ordering process and help showcase your images in the best way possible. Then I will help you put together your completely personalized print package to make sure you get to enjoy your beautiful images every day. 

Premium quality products include wall art (framed or canvas), albums, digital image files, and gifts

Most clients invest $500 to $2000 for their custom photography experience.