In today's digital world I sometimes get asked why I choose to offer other options to my photography families. I have found that most photographers who hand over a CD leave the design process up to you and that can be overwhelming. I also heard from most of the families I met that they hardly even had their images printed! Their CDs just got filed away with thoughts of, “I’ll get them printed tomorrow.” Sound familiar?

What happens to those photos? Knowing they never get printed just breaks my heart. The investment made in custom photography should be enjoyed. It should not be tucked away into a desk drawer with the hopes of one day putting it in a beautiful frame on your wall. These images tell the story of your family and the love you share and they should be displayed for you to enjoy Every. Single. Day! Your home should be filled images that make you stop for a moment, even on your busiest of day, and smile.  I want these photos to be cherished for years and even generations. I promise when you chose to make the investment in custom photography it is not something you will regret.

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Becci Ravera Photography


My premium leather photo albums are by far a favorite for all my families. What a stunning way to perserve all of your favorite images from your session.I offer a large selection of covers in a rainbow of colors.  If you would like to learn more about my premium albums check it out here HERE

Whether your style is a gallery wall of professionally wrapped canvas art or a simplified collection of beautiful framed wall art. I will help you choose exactly what suits your style and your personality perfectly. Here is a little taste of my most popular framing options.