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When I spend time with a family, I see them through the eyes of a storyteller. I believe that what makes your family special is not the perfect posed moments, instead I know a story is better told through authentic connection, sweet little details, and honest love & emotion. I have seen the magic that happens when you let a family simply enjoy being together. I believe in the depth and richness of the entire narrative.  I know that all of these things create the beautiful mosaic of your family's unique story. That is what I am here to capture, the essence of your beautiful, vivid, perfectly-imperfect story. Because in the end it the honest moments, the rawness of true love that remains timeless. These are the moments I know you will cherish forever.

For me everything I do starts and ends with love. I love what I do, I love the families I photograph,I love telling their stories. Real, honest, love. After all, isn't that what it is all about?

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Any new mother knows that those first few moments after a child is born is the most magical time in the entire world. It also can go by way too quickly.  You want to remember every single moment as a new family but often times these moments in the hospital can be such a blur as you adjust to the new little babe. 

That is why Fresh 48 sessions are by far one of my favorites. I will come visit you in the hospital sometime within the first 48 hours after the arrival of your sweet little one. For about an 1-2 hours I will capture all of those first precious moments of pure, honest love and connection. All you have to do is enjoy those new little toes and adorable little nose. I will take care of the rest. Trust us, nothing will ever compare to having these precious moments of your story captured for you to cherish forever.


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Bringing a new baby home is such a special time in the story of a family. Home is where they will learn to crawl and take their first steps. It is the place that will hold all of their memories as a child. In-home newborn sessions are a wonderful option because your family and be where they are the most comfortable. I will come to your home and just hang out and play for about 1-2 hours and capture your family being perfectly themselves, in their favorite spaces, with their favorite people.

We all know too well that one day the children will be grown, the toys will gone, and the hallways will be quiet. That is why these sessions matter. There will never be a more perfect time to capture your store as it is in this exact moment.

Custom Collections and Digital Options Available. Collections start at $650 and The average client spends between $850 to $2000 depending on their needs

Styling Assistance available to all clients. Make up and Hair Add-ons available for an additional charge (and it's worth it our MUA and Hair girls are the BEST!)